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Timber Decay Treatments

Timber Decay is found in timbers that are in prolonged contact with dampness particularly in poor ventilated areas such as below floors and where defective gutters exist, rising damp or high ground levels exist, creating suitable conditions for decay to establish and flourish.


Fungal Decay is normally found as Dry rot “Serpula lacrymans” or Wet rot such as “Coniophora puteana” and other types of Wet rot may exist. Dry rot Decay can appear as a silky white sheet, yellow to lilac towards the edges and often red dust can be found around the affected area, successful Dry rot treatments normally depend upon the removal of the source of moisture, chemical treatments and replacement of contaminated timbers, where Dry rot is evident it is important to ensure all affected timbers are removed and chemical treatments where necessary are carried out fully to the affected area and involve sterilisation and irrigation treatments to masonry walls.



Our surveyors and operatives will inspect your property and undertake where necessary a full exposure investigation to establish fully the extent of concealed defects, which may be affected by Dry rot decay, a full report specification and quotation, will be provided.

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