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Condensation Control

Condensation is responsible for many damp related problems within buildings and normally results in mould growth on furnishings, walls and clothing.


In many cases condensation can be alleviated by moisture management and the appropriate control of ventilation and heating, specialist mould inhibitor paints can be used and the installation of specialist passyfier vents can be fitted to control condensation related problems, our company will carry out an inspection of your property to identify the extent of mould and condensation related dampness and establish the source and provide recommendations to remove mould and control condensation affected areas.



Condensation is directly associated with mould growth. For the occupier of the house this is usually the first,sign of a problem and will give us an indicator to the extent of the potential damage. Mould will usually be found on decorative surfaces, especially wallpapers, where it will cause severe and permanent spoiling if not caught early. Mould and the associated spores can give rise to health problems and are the reason for the musty smell found in damp homes.


The Cause


Warm air will hold more water as vapour than cool air. Condensation happens when moisture-laden air contacts a cold surface, when the air is cooled it then releases its burden of water vapour. This is where condensation occurs. On impervious surfaces such as glass and gloss paint, beads of water appear and on permeable surfaces such as wallpaper the water is absorbed.

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